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Tampere celebrates Manse Pride Week 12–17 June 2023.

During Manse Pride Week various operators will be organising all kinds of equality-related events for people of all ages.

The highlight of Manse Pride Week is the Pride march and the main celebration on Saturday, 17 June.

The march starts from Koskipuisto, ending up in Sorsapuisto Park, where the main celebration of the week of events will take place.

The theme of the week is Being as humans together!

— We invite all supporters of equality together to celebrate with us.

Sinuiksi ry and the City of Tampere are responsible for organising the week of events.

All operators and event makers taking part in Manse Pride Week are required to have their own practices regarding the commitment to equality and the instructions for a safer space.

Go through, as an example, Principles for safer events at THL (Finnish institute for health and welfare).

If you have any questions about Manse Pride Week, please feel free to contact our producer: Mikael, email mansepride(at)